3 Frustrating Situations Home Sellers Can Face

12 May 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When it comes to selling your home, it can be hard not to become frustrated with the process. Even potential buyers can sometimes cause you anxiety. Fortunately, there are ways you can overcome some of the more annoying aspects of selling a home. To help you do this, here are a few annoying situations and what you can do about them.  

Buyers Showing Up Unannounced 

In a perfect world, potential buyers would show up to tour your home during those hours you and your realtor have designated. However, there is a real possibility that buyers will show up unannounced or call and request a viewing within a short period of time.  

Although this might be an inconvenience, you have to remember that the goal is to sell your home. Until you have an acceptable offer, you and your family will be tasked with keeping your home in good-enough order that it can be shown within minutes, if necessary. The situation is only temporary, and it will be worth it once you sell your home.  

Home Is Inexplicably Damaged 

During an open house, it can sometimes be challenging to keep track of every single person who tours your home. Although it is not a common occurrence, there is a possibility that a visitor will damage something in your home. When this occurs, you have the right to ask the realtor about what happened.  

To protect yourself, make sure your homeowners insurance is up-to-date before placing your home on the market. If there is serious damage to your home, you can file a claim. You and your family should remove valuables from your home before the open house tours start. As part of the preparation process, your realtor will likely have you remove those items anyway.  

Potential Buyers Ask for Repeated Tours 

Some buyers need more than one or two tours through a home before making a decision. Some ask for several visits before deciding. If a repeat visitor does not make an offer, this can be a frustrating situation.  

You have the option of limiting the buyer's visits or allowing him or her to tour as much as wanted. If you do want to limit the visits, ask the realtor to inform the buyer that you are on a tight deadline for selling the home, and you are willing to allow a home inspection and a final walkthrough in the future, but additional visits could disrupt your schedule.  

Your realtor can help you handle other situations that could make it frustrating for you and your family during the selling process.