Recommendations For A Successful Home Search

13 May 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Warm weather has come, and with it the prime opportunity to look for a home and move your household. When you consider all the options with a home purchase, you should make a wish list for your upcoming home's features and amenities as well as prepare your financing situation. The following are some recommendations and tips to help you find the right home for your needs.

Look at Your Home-Buying Options

When you are considering the purchase of a home, you can go in one of two different directions. You can either buy a new construction home or an existing home. A new construction home may be one that was just built recently and has never been occupied, or you can hire a builder and choose the floor plan and amenities in your home. 

Either option is a great way to get a brand-new home, but just be sure you work with your agent to help you negotiate the purchase and the terms of the sale in addition to the new construction details. And arrange for a home inspection when you move in and after the home is constructed. This will ensure the home is free of defects or other problems that can occur in any home construction.

When you buy an existing home, the home may be of any age and condition, based on the seller and how well they handled maintenance on the home. An existing home can provide you with upgrades that you may not be able to afford in a new construction home and can come with a yard already landscaped with a sprinkler system, mature trees, and other established vegetation.

Select Home Amenities

There are many options that you can look for in a home based on your needs and personal preferences. So when you start searching for a home, it is a good idea to have a clear understanding and agreement (when you are buying with your partner) in order to make a successful decision. For example, if you want an open floor plan and large living space for your family and friends to visit, make sure you include this detail when you consult with your agent. Or if you want main-floor living or one-floor living, this can be included in your search parameters. 

Look at the square footage of a home, the number of bedrooms, and the size of its bedrooms. It does you no good to have five bedrooms if the rooms are all too small to adequately fit a bedroom set or office furnishings.