Got Ant Problems? Resolve To Make 2015 An Ant-Free Year

19 December 2014
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If you found yourself battling ants more often than you would have liked in the year 2014, you may wish to turn things around and get rid of these pests for good in the New Year. Resolving to take certain actions can help keep ants out of your home once and for all. Here is how you can make 2015 an ant-free year. Set Your Own Ant Traps The first step to making 2015 an ant-free year is to get rid of the ants that are already in your home. Read More 

Peace Of Mind While Abroad: Getting The Right Self Storage

23 October 2014
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Before embarking on a long-term stay abroad, there are a good number of details that you need to take care of: passports, lodging, plane tickets, etc. One of the most important of these details is storage of the stuff that you leave behind. Each aspect of the self storage facility that you choose will determine the condition of your belongings upon return. Security Measures First Because your sojourn will require long-term storage, it's smart to pick a very secure storage unit. Read More 

Tips To Help Those Who Want To Buy A Home In Portland Oregon

9 January 2014
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Portland Oregon is a lovely place to live. This may explain why so many people wish to buy a home in Portland Oregon. For those who are first time home buyers, the process can be a bit confusing and maybe even overwhelming. Use the following tips to help prepare yourself for buying your first home. Well before you are ready to buy a home in Portland Oregon, you should begin preparing yourself and your finances. Read More