2 Tips For Purchasing A Single Family Tiny Home With A Young Child

29 December 2016
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Purchasing a tiny home for yourself is one thing. However, if you have a family, finding the right tiny home for everyone can be a challenge. A tiny home can be a worthwhile purchase if you are willing to downgrade all aspects of your life into this small space. If you have a child, then finding a tiny home that is child-friendly can be tricky. It is important to find a home that still gives them some of the same luxuries that they may find in a traditional home. Read More 

3 Ways to Get an Affordable Home in a Hot Market

21 December 2016
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If you live in an area where houses and condos are in high demand, you probably know how difficult it can be to find a home you like that's also affordable. While perusing real estate listings can uncover some gems, there are other options you can explore that may help you find your dream home and avoid the bidding wars that can occur in popular markets. Here are three ways to get an affordable home in a hot market. Read More 

Remember These Points If You Are Resistant to Your Listing Agent Getting a Commission

23 November 2016
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When you list your home for sale, your real estate agent will take a commission after the sale is complete. The exact commission is something that can differ between agents, and you may be able to negotiate it slightly. Some people are resistant to the idea that the agent will take a percentage, but this isn't a reason to contemplate selling your home by yourself. If part of you feels that you don't want to part with this commission, it's helpful to remember all of the various things that your agent does to earn this money. Read More 

Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Agent Who Uses A Drone

18 November 2016
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When you're looking for a real estate agent for help with buying or selling a home, you likely have a plan to meet with a few agents to explain your needs, ask questions, and make a decision about which agent will best suit you. One of the things that you should find out is whether or not the agents you speak to have access to drones. Many real estate agents are making this investment for their clients, and partnering with an agent who uses a drone in his or her line of work can be advantageous in many ways. Read More 

Three Tips To Consider When Selling Your Home

11 November 2016
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Selling a home can be a very complicated process, and it should not be a surprise that many first-time sellers may feel overwhelmed during this process. To help you avoid making some mistakes when selling your first house, you should consider these basic home selling tips.   Appreciate The Importance Of Multiple Listing Services There are many individuals that may attempt to sell their home without retaining the services of a real estate agent. Read More