How Your Office Employees Can Use Storage Containers For Clutter-Free Cubicles

27 January 2015
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It is not uncommon for office employees to want to personalize their individual workspaces in an attempt to create a sense of comfort. Personalization at work isn't necessarily a bad thing – it helps to keep stress levels low, and it can even minimize the chance of experiencing burnout.

However, personalization in a small workspace like a cubicle can quickly result in clutter, which can very well undermine the productivity you expect from your office employees. But worry not! Here are a few effective ways your employees can use a variety of storage containers to maintain a clutter-free workspace without sacrificing personalization:

Design a Mail System

Provide a small set of plastic storage containers for employees to use for their incoming, outgoing, and unfiled mail. Choose stackable containers with openings along the fronts so they can be kept on a shelf right next to the door an used without having to open and close their lids, or use basket-like containers with hooks on the backs that can be hung on a wall of a cubicle.

Create a Clutter Zone

Because everyone is bound to collect at least a little clutter once in awhile, it's a good idea to dedicate a specific space for it. A plastic or wire storage container that fits under the desk is a perfect place to put knick-knacks that don't quite have a home anywhere else. Storage containers from places like Quantum Storage with separate compartments offer an easy way to keep even clutter a bit organized.

Label all the Supplies

Anyone who works in an office has at least a handful of supplies, such as pens and sticky-notes, to keep track of at any given time. A great way to keep them cleaned up and out of sight is to put them along the edge of the desk in small plastic containers. Opt for containers with snapping lids that can be handled with just one hand.

Stack the Stationary

Stackable storage containers offer the ability to organize stationary based on a variety of factors, such as letterhead or correspondence type, and keep them safe from dust, moisture, mold, and mildew. Cardboard file separators can be used to stack multiple types of stationary on top of one another in the large containers so everything is easy to locate and access.

Make More Surface Space

Implementing flat-topped storage containers into the workspace makes it easy to use the tops as extra surface space. For example, a stack of flat-topped containers next to a seat makes a great end table to write on. And thanks to their flat design, a large number of these types of containers can be stacked on top of one another without the risk of them falling over. Other types of boxes can easily be stacked on their surfaces as well.

Keep Personal Items Safe

A lockable storage container provides some security for your employees' personal belongings. Having a space to safely keep lunch money for the week, a few snacks for fuel, and the car keys while at work offers some peace of mind, and can even encourage a more relaxed attitude. These boxes shouldn't be very big, as it's probably not a good idea that employees keep large or valuable things at work often. Something the size of a small book offers enough room for essentials.

Decorate with Fun Photos

Instead of having personal photos strewn up along the walls amongst the calendars and other important office pinups, encourage employees to use the fronts and tops of their storage containers to show off their photos. Two-sided tape will keep favored photos in place without preventing them from being used for a later purpose.

You'll find that stackable storage bins come in a variety of colors and styles for the office. But an advantage that plastic containers have over others is that they can typically be seen into without having to open the lid, which provides extra convenience and keeps office employees accountable for their cubicle belongings.