4 Reasons Your Business Needs A Commercial Locksmith

6 February 2015
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Do you consider a commercial locksmith an essential partner in your business's success? If not, then it's time to re-evaluate just what these skilled professionals can do to keep your company secure and productive. Here are four reasons you should make sure you have a locksmith ready to come to your rescue at work.

1. Security Upgrades

Is your business sufficiently secure against break-ins? Many companies store expensive equipment and databases full of private customer data, making them prime targets for burglary. Your commercial locksmith can help relieve your anxieties by evaluating your current system and recommending upgrades as needed. These may include:

  • Second locks and/or deadbolts on doors
  • New locks and keys following a break-in (or to address concerns about a disgruntled ex-employee)
  • Creating new key cards or re-programming your key card readers
  • Planning and installing electronic security systems, monitors, and and alarm setups

Choose a commercial locksmith that offers the widest possible range of security options. Even if you don't think you need that much security right now, your business may require them later as it grows and expands.

2. Trouble on the Road

If your business depends on a company vehicle or fleet of vehicles to delivery your products or services, then it's absolutely imperative that you have ready access to a mobile locksmith with 7-day service and quick response times. (This is even more important if you happen to be stuck in a parking lot that enforces certain hours.)

The longer your drivers have to sit helpless in the parking lot, the angrier your customers will get -- and if you're delivering food or other perishables such as medical supplies, you could easily lose a major account. If you transport passengers for a living, you're effectively out of business until that locksmith bails you out. A mobile locksmith can get you back on the road as soon as possible by dealing with such common headaches as:

  • Keys that are jammed in the ignition
  • Failed transponders in keys for electronic locking systems
  • Keys accidentally locked inside the vehicle

3. Lost Keys

Everyone has been in this embarrassing situation at some time or other. Perhaps you took that all-important key off the ring for "just a moment," or it somehow fell off on it own without your knowing it. Perhaps your employee kept the spare key in a safe place -- so safe, in fact, that even he doesn't know where it is!

If this happened at home, you might be at leisure to turn the place upside-down until you finally found the missing key. But in a busy workplace, these honest errors can turn into serious productivity vampires, depending on the importance of whatever is behind that locked door. The smart response is to call your commercial locksmith immediately, instead of wasting valuable billable hours in a possibly fruitless search.

4. Damaged Keys

Sometimes your employees' keys simply stop working. This can be due to any of several reasons, from grit or mechanical problems inside the lock to key wear. The precisely cut ridges and shapes along the key will eventually smooth out after years of heavy use, and once this process starts, you run the risk of the key becoming useless when you need it most. 

Your commercial locksmith is your best friend at times such as these, especially if your employees need urgent access to critical equipment or supplies. An experienced pro can quickly diagnose the cause of your trouble and either fix/replace the lock or grind a new key on the spot. If your employees keep odd hours, make sure you choose commercial lock services with 24-hour availability.

As you can see, commercial lock services can perform a variety of tasks that could literally make the difference between your company's thriving or sinking. Take the time to choose your provider with care -- because a good locksmith is good for business! For more information, contact a company like Suburban Lock.