What To Look For In A Family-Friendly Apartment

12 January 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Whether you live in a large metropolitan city or you're saving for the purchase of a home, when you have a family, finding a family-friendly apartment is important. From storage to noise concerns, there are many things to consider when finding an apartment suitable for your needs.


Always consider the layout of the apartment. In order to make up for the lack of outdoor, yard space, look for an apartment that at least has on open layout. An open floor plan does leave some room for your children to have a play area, stretch out, and run around.

Additionally, with an open common area, you can keep a better eye on your children, such as when they're in the living room and you're in the kitchen. This layout can be especially helpful if you have smaller children in the family. In terms of layout, you also want to choose an option that has ample storage both in the apartment and outside, such as on-site storage units.


Try to ask the leasing manager if they can offer you a unit near other tenants with families. An apartment in this location can be a major stress-reliever. One thing about children is that they do what they want to do, when they want to. No matter how much you tell them to keep it down, if they get excited, they're going to get loud.

However, when you're near other people who also have families, these small outbursts are less likely to cause a distribution because their children likely make noise too. Whereas, if you were living next door to an older couple without children, this could create an issue.

On-Site Amenities

Try to find a property that offers different options when it comes to on-site amenities. Many properties offer everything from outdoor courtyard spaces equipped with play areas to libraries, pools, and game and theater rooms. The more amenities that are offered on-site, the better.

While you likely have to accompany your children to these areas per the management company's rules, being able to walk to an activity comes in handy on those day when your children are especially energetic and antsy. Best of all, these entertainment options are free since they're a part of your rent.

Whether it's your forever home or just temporary, you want to find a place that the entire family will enjoy. Take your time on your search. Contact a company like Meadowdale Apartments to learn more.