Less Common Questions About Real Estate Properties Answered

14 February 2017
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When you are about to list your property with a real estate agency, you probably have several questions. Most of these questions are fairly common and can be answered via the real estate agency's website. However, there are also some less common questions asked that real estate agencies rarely post and for which the agencies do not post answers. For example:

Can You Post Your Real Estate Properties with More Than One Agency?

You could, but that would be overkill and it is entirely unnecessary.  The reason being is that most agencies will take primary position on your listing and share the listing online with others. The first agency you hire posts the listing with several other sources where buyers may look. Even if buyers do not use an agent from the agency you hired to sell the house or property, they can still see the listing and buy it through their own agent who contacts your agency with regards to the sale.

Can You Put Several "For Sale" Signs in the Yard and Down the Street?

Again, that many signs are really overkill. One big sign from the agency you hire to sell the house is more than enough in the front yard. If your street is not that busy and rather quiet and you want to direct traffic past your house, "for sale" signs on the nearest corners and intersections are okay too. An open house and open house sign is the best way to get foot traffic to check out the property, and that only requires a sign or two as well.

Can You Pack Up and Move out-of-State and Still Sell the Property?

No one ever sells a property in a single day. You would have to have land, a house, or business/commercial property that is utterly perfect for every consumer, and that is just not reality. However, it is understandable that you have to pack up and move quickly and cannot wait for the property/house/building to be sold (military personnel have to do this all the time).

If you want to hire a real estate agency to sell your property for you so that you can get out of town ASAP, the agency can do that. Many homes and other types of real estate properties are frequently sold without the owner present. The only things you would have to do is hire someone for the property maintenance (e.g., lawn mowing) and return to sign the sales papers and transfer of property.

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