3 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Land For Hunting

28 February 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you consider yourself an avid hunter and want your own private land for hunting wild game every year, then you likely have been looking at acreage to meet your needs through a place like Wellons Land and Timber Co. Before you buy any land for your favorite outdoor activity, you need to explore a few things first. Here are 3 things you should know about buying land for hunting purposes.


When you think of location for hunting property, you may be thinking only one thing: where the game is. This is very important since you want to buy a nice chunk of land where game are known to pass through during breeding and winter seasons. You will want to talk to your local wildlife expert in the area to discuss where game is moving so you choose land appropriate for hunting your favorite game. 

Another equally important location concern you should think about is proximity to civilization. You want to choose a property that is far enough away from the nearest town so you can hunt safely and not have to worry about nearby houses. You also want to choose a location where you are away from government-owned property where other hunters may frequent during the hunting seasons and scare away potential game.

Water source

Buying land with a water source is an excellent opportunity when you want to hunt game reliably every season. While food sources can be found all across the land, one thing that game will always seek is water. Owning private hunting land with water can increase your chances of spotting game that may otherwise stay holed up with protective ground and plenty of feed. Talk to a realtor to see if there is acreage available near a stream, river, or large runoff pond that you can afford.

Building opportunities

If you want to build a home or hunting cabin on your hunting land, you want to choose a property that has flat, level ground for building. You also want to pick land that is close to a major highway so your road leading to your property is easy to access. A realtor can show you several properties for sale with hunting rights that you can purchase if you don't want to build your own home.

Buying hunting land can give you the opportunity to enjoy non-competitive hunting in an area of your choosing. Your real estate agent can help you with any financing you may need to help you achieve your dream of land ownership.