Responsibilities You Have When Selling A House

28 June 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


As the seller of a house, you may have some work to do before the closing date, and it's vital for you to get the work done that you are required to do. If you fail to do your part, it could cause problems at your closing, and there is a chance the closing might not even take place. The buyer will also have work to do, but you should do all you can to make sure you get your part done so you can go through with the closing of your house. Here are some of the steps you may need to take during this process.

Complete any necessary repairs

If you agreed to make any repairs on the house, you must do these. The buyer has the right to postpone the closing on the house until these are done. If you want to close on the house, take the time and get the work done that you agreed to do. As you do this, talk to your real estate agent to make sure you fully understand what work you must do and how it must be done for the buyer to feel satisfied with it.

Pack up everything you have

During this time, you will also be responsible for packing up your things and moving out. If you haven't found a place to move to yet, you should work on that soon. Typically, the seller must be out of the house by the closing appointment. If you are not, this could present some problems at closing.

Contact your utility companies

Another step you should take is contacting all your utility companies to let them know that you need to shut off your services. When doing this, you may want to set the shut-off dates a few days after your closing date, simply to give the buyer time to get them put in his or her name.

Take care of any title problems

Finally, if the title company notifies you of any problems with the title of your house, you will need to take care of the problems. A common title issue is liens on titles. If the title company locates a lien you did not know about it, it will be your responsibility to get it remedied before closing. Otherwise, it will be your responsibility to pay off the lien when you close on the house.

If you take care of these things as you prepare for closing, you are less likely to experience problems with the closing of your house. To learn more about the responsibilities you have as a seller, talk to your real estate agent.