Top Five States Where Real Estate Is Extremely Valuable

29 June 2017
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As a home buyer, you do not want to buy a house where the price of a home is more than you make in ten years. If you are a real estate investor, these cities and states are absolutely where you want to invest in real estate. That said, if you just want to buy and sell real estate to make money and you are not interested in buying a property for keeps, then you need to buy properties in the following five states.

1. California

California is where the money's at: that is, if you are an investor in real estate. More than eighteen of California's most recognizable cities hold the outstanding title of top valuable real estate properties in the country. Unless you have a job with leading tech corporations and you are high up on the chain, you do not want to buy a home for yourself here. However, investors can make a killing in real estate in California.

2. Massachusetts

Three major cities in Massachusetts allow this state to claim second place as the state with the most valuable property. Of course, it should come as no surprise that two of these cities are college towns and historic cities. Concord and Cambridge are hot Massachusetts properties.

3. Connecticut 

Connecticut comes in third with two cities that have valuable property. Of course, they are cities where the wealthy go to play. If you can get in with the "in crowd" here, you can make quite a bit of money as a real estate investor.

4. Washington

Washington's claim to a valuable property title is the direct result of the building boom in Bellevue. Bellevue is just over Lake Washington on the east side of Seattle, which is a secondary reason why this property is hot. It equals a short commute to one of the most popular cities on the northwestern coast. Condos are going for several hundred thousand each, and the prices for many condos are fast approaching a million-plus. 

5. Hawaii

Honolulu is where the newlyweds go and often choose to stay. Its warm weather, beaches, and ocean views make it irresistible. What is more, Hawaii is just a mere handful of islands, which makes the properties in Honolulu even more valuable. Still, it cannot claim first place for most valuable properties for investors because of the number of cities in California that are flooded with valuable properties.