3 Tips For Staging Your Front Porch While Selling Your House

17 July 2017
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While trying to sell your home, your front porch will be the first thing potential buyers see when they come to view it. If you are trying to figure out how to showcase your home's entryway, use one or more of the following tips for staging your front porch while trying to sell your house.

Add Bold Accents to the Furniture

While it is usually recommended to use neutral colors inside your home, the opposite is true for your front porch. Because you want the entrance to your house to make passersby and potential buyers take notice, you want to use bold, colorful accents that can easily be seen from the street or sidewalk.

For example, if you have white or brown wicker furniture on your porch, add bright yellow accent pillows with a bold geometric design. Or, you could coordinate navy blue cushions with brilliant orange pillows to give a stark contrast.

Use Brightly Colored Potted Flowers

Along with bold colors on your furniture, you may also want to use brightly colored potted flowers on your porch. The flowers help bring the serenity of the outdoors to your front porch, while the bright colors can contrast and pop against the shades of your home's siding. 

Consider the seasons when selecting the flowers. In the spring, you may want to place a mixture of yellow daffodils with dark red tulips. Or, if you are selling your home in autumn, a combination of yellow and orange mums can add a beautiful, seasonal touch.

Have the Seating Face the View

After figuring out the colors you want to use for your accents and flowers, turn your attention to how you will situate the seating. If you have a view of the yard or even the street from the largest opening, turn the seating so it faces this view.

If a potential buyer is interested in the house, either you or the real estate agent can end the tour on the front porch while seated on your furniture. While discussing the possibility of buying your home, the individual has a chance to imagine sitting on the porch in the evening and relaxing after a hard day at work.

The above tips only give a few ideas for ways you can stage your front porch when trying to sell your home. Contact the real estate agent through whom you have listed your house for sale to find out specific advice for staging your front porch, as well as the rooms inside your home, that will help turn home lookers into home buyers.


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