What Can You Learn From A Virtual Real Estate Tour

27 July 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Virtual real estate tours are being offered more often by real estate companies. You might be wondering what role they should play when you're looking at great houses or townhomes for sale. Here are some things you can learn by going on a virtual tour of a home:

What's Being Offered at Your Price Point

If you get a few virtual real estate tours under your belt, you can quickly learn about the kinds of townhomes for sale at your price point. What kind of quality is reasonable to look for? How much space are you going to get? What kinds of finishes are common in these properties? What condition are they in? While you can tell some of these things from the photos and descriptions on a traditional listing, there is a little more to be gained from an actual walkthrough of the property, where blemishes can't be hidden.

If Seller Is Knowledgeable and Trustworthy

From your virtual real estate tour, you will also start to get a sense of the personalities you will be working with during the potential sale. The real estate agent will certainly appear in the video, and possibly the homeowners. If finding a trustworthy seller who can answer questions with confidence is part of the sale for you, this is a good way to get to know the sellers before you even meet them in person.

The General Look and Feel of the Property

Virtual real estate tours are great for getting a general sense of what the walkthrough will be like. A great virtual tour will stop and focus on the details that buyers will be most interested in, such as the look of the finishes and the function of the appliances and fixtures. There's no substitute for getting a good look in person, so consider a virtual real estate tour as the first step of your buying journey.

Of course, it wouldn't be a great idea to buy a property just based on the virtual tour. While a walkthrough gives you a much better idea of the property than still photos, there is no substitute for actually walking through the townhomes for sale and seeing how the property flows. And, you will still want to get a home inspection from the inspector of your choosing before you close the deal. A virtual real estate tour is simply a great way to cut down your search time with a more personal, video touch.