Installing A Home Antenna To Boost Weak Wireless Signals

5 August 2017
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Some houses are located in areas that receive weak or inconsistent wireless communication signals. Prospective home buyers should not rule out a property from consideration solely because of weak wireless signals. With single family homes, you can choose to install a specialized antenna to boost the signal strength of wireless signals once you close on the house.

People generally dislike the appearance of an antenna, but their perspective often changes when the antenna produces obvious results. A weak cell signal is sometimes noticed by an occupant inside a house, but the signal may become adequate when the occupant steps outside. Whether the wireless signals are for phone or TV, a stronger antenna is likely to make the signal strengths more acceptable for occupants inside your home.

Cell antenna booster

A cell signal booster actually consists of two additional antennas. A receiving antenna is typically installed on the roof of your house. A cable connects the roof antenna to an interior base unit, which then transmits the amplified signal through a transmitting antenna. The quality of the signal inside your home is then virtually equivalent to the quality of the signal on the roof.

If you have reservations about installing an antenna on the roof of your home, an attic installation may be the next best option. Many single-family homes contain an unfinished attic that is rarely entered. The open space in the attic can be used for the placement of the cellular receiving antenna. The strength of the signal in the attic may be weaker than the signal available outside, especially if you have a metal roof.

Broadcast TV antenna

Owners of single-family homes are generally free to install an antenna for the reception of broadcast TV channels. Even though some communities regulate outside antennas through the use of restrictive covenants, federal regulations grant certain homeowners the right to install an antenna to receive local TV stations. Because of the conflicting opinions on antennas, many homeowners choose to install a TV antenna in their attic.

A TV antenna is much larger than a cell antenna. A TV antenna can be laid flat in an attic, but the antenna may require one or two blocks of wood so that it lies in a level position. Because there are no blowing winds in the attic, there is no need to secure the antenna with clamps. Once an attic antenna is installed, it may be months or years before the homeowner actually sees it again.