Want Maximum Flexibility In The Home You Buy? Make Sure To Get Specific Features

10 September 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Buying a turn-key home provides you with a place to live and feel comfortable in right away. But, you may not feel like this is something that you need as a homeowner. You may enjoy the idea of living in a house that allows for easy change. This makes it possible to adjust the functionality of your home to work for if you have children or start doing some or all your work at home.

It is helpful to look for certain features that will provide you with maximum flexibility.

Unfinished Basement

An excellent feature to seek out is an unfinished basement. Most basements are close to or equal in size to the main floor of the home, so you will have plenty of space to change and use. A fully unfinished state means that you can build the exact kind of layout you want in the space.

If you do not need that much flexibility, you can just look for a partially finished basement. Some finished projects may include drywall and flooring, but with the rest ready to work on.

Extra Bathrooms

When you start house hunting, you may be confident about only needing two bathrooms. But, you do not know what your life will be like in five to ten years. You may want to entertain family and friends on a regular basis and you may even have a large family with many children.

Getting extra bathrooms will give you the flexibility to follow through on the lifestyle you desire. For instance, if you end up with a finished basement, having a full bathroom in this space makes it one step closer to turning it into a vacation rental that can generate some income.

Additional Bedrooms

Another feature not to pass up is extra bedrooms. In some ways, this is even more important than the bathrooms because you can turn a spare bedroom into almost anything. If you want to start fostering kittens or puppies, being able to dedicate a specific room to this is quite helpful.

A bedroom is also flexible in that you can give it multiple purposes over the years. In the beginning, you can make it a home office and then turn it into your baby's nursery later.

Buying a home with flexibility keeps you from feeling the need to move to another house when your life changes. Using these tips will help you find homes for sale that you love and that grows with you.