Don't Let Them Make Pests Of Themselves: How To Keep The Flies Away This Summer

24 June 2019
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Now that summer is in full swing, you might have noticed more flies around your home. Flies can wreak havoc on your summer plans, especially once the problem gets out of hand. Flies aren't merely nuisances; they also pose a health and safety risk for you and your family. In fact, the ordinary house fly carries about 65 different diseases that can affect humans. Some of those diseases include dysentery, typhoid fever, and tuberculosis. Here are four steps you should take to control the fly population this summer.

Circulate the Air

If you've got flies invading your space, make sure you circulate the air. Flies don't like a lot of wind, which is why you need to keep your fans going. If you have ceiling fans in your home, keep them running throughout the summer. Not only will the light breeze keep the flies away, it will also help cool your house down. If you don't have outdoor fans on your patio, now's the time to have them installed. The outdoor fans will keep the flies, and other flying insects, out of your personal space.

Keep Citronella Candles on Hand

If you haven't picked up some citronella candles yet, it's time to head to the local home improvement store. Citronella is a natural fly repellent. However, it also works to repel other types of insects as well, including bees and mosquitoes. While you're outside, keep your citronella candles burning to ensure a fly-free environment. You can also use backyard tiki lamps to keep the flies away. Fill the tiki lamps with citronella oil and light the wicks. You'll keep the flies away, and lend a pleasant ambiance to your backyard.

Practice Proper Sanitation

If you want to ensure a fly-free home and yard this summer, be sure to practice proper sanitation. Flies are attracted to a variety of odors, including food and trash. To keep flies away, all food should be stored in airtight containers and spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible. It's also a good idea to dispose of your trash in scented trash bags and keep the lids on your outdoor trash cans. With proper sanitation, you can keep fly problems to a minimum.

Call for Professional Assistance

If you've done everything you can, and the fly problem has still reached infestation status, it's time to call for professional pest control services. Once the fly population gets out of control, the best way to handle the situation is with pesticide treatments.