Amenities You Should Always Look For In A Lakefront Home

29 September 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Many people dream of living in a lakefront home. They look forward to the nice view and being on the water. However, buying a lakefront home is a bit different from buying a home on your average residential street. More specifically, there are some amenities and features you will want to look for in a lakefront single-family home that you would not otherwise think about. Take a look at these amenities below.

A Retaining Wall or Supports

The closer the actual home is to the lake, the more important this is. You want there to be some sort of retaining wall or some sort of support structure built along the water. This will help prevent the land from eroding away along the lakeshore. And it's not just about aesthetics. If your land erodes away, this could compromise the integrity of the soil beneath your home, which could cause your home's foundation to shift and crack.

A Good View

Make sure you go inside the home and look out the windows. You want to have a good view of the lake or beachfront from at least a few of the windows! If a window is a little too small, you can always have it replaced with a larger one to expand the view, but outright adding windows gets really expensive, so you want to have a decent view from the get-go.

Easily Cleanable Flooring

When you live on the lake, you're going to track in sand. You do not want your lakefront single-family home to have long, plush carpet that is tough to clean, or else you will never get rid of the sand completely. Look for homes with tile and other hard floors. You can put down some large area rugs if you want a softer floor as area rugs are easy to remove and clean.

Laundry Tubs

Make the home has a laundry tub or utility sink. You will need it for washing things like your beach shoes, beach chairs, and bathing suits. You don't want to have to wash these dirty things in your bathtub, shower, or kitchen sink.

When looking at a lakefront home for sale, make sure you check for a laundry tub, easily cleanable flooring, a good retaining wall, and a view through the windows. Talk to your real estate agent to learn more about these and other amenities often found in lakefront single-family homes.