3 Access And Restrictions Considerations When Looking For Lakefront Property

22 January 2021
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When you look for lakefront property, you must carefully consider what type of access you will have to the lake and how your experience, not just with the home but with the lake, will be.

Boating Restrictions

First, you need to take into consideration what type of boating restrictions the lake has. You will want to find out if there are restrictions on the types of boats or motors that can go out into the lake. Some lakes only allow for paddle boats and ban motors. Other lakes may ban motors or boats over a certain size.

You need to find out about the topography of the lake. Are there lots of rocky and shallow areas that would make boating difficult? Will you be able to dock on your property, or is there a community dock for people with boats who own property on the lake?

Lake Activities

Second, you need to consider what type of activities you can do on the lake. Is the lake deep enough for waterskiing? Does the lake have areas where there is not heavy motor traffic, where you can canoe or kayak? Does the lake have any good fishing spots? What type of fish is in the lake? Are there swimming areas? Is the lake safe to swim in?

You need to ask many questions about the types of permitted activities on the lake and what is not permitted on the lake. This will allow you to see if your expectations of living on the lake live up to what that particular lake can offer you. Not all lakes will offer you the opportunity to participate in all activities, so it is important to consider the activities you value versus what the lake has to offer.

Building Rules

Third, you need to consider how the building rules will impact your experience. If you are looking at a property with an existing home, does it have a good view of the lake? Are you allowed to add to the house and change it how you want? If you want to build on home on buildable land, how close can you get to the lake?

Many lakefront areas have building restrictions, so you will want to make sure the building restrictions don't stop you from doing what you want with the lakefront property.

When it comes to purchasing a home or property on a lake, you need to investigate boating restrictions and waterfront activities to see if they align with what you want. You also need to find out about building codes and restrictions to make sure you have work with the property in the way you desire.

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