Airbnb Rental Tips For A Successful Short-Term Income Property

11 February 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Renting out all or part of your property is a great way to provide personalized guest accommodations and make some extra income on the side. Here are some recommendations to help you manage your apartment rental as a successful Airbnb.

Hire a Property Manager

If this is your first time turning your property into a short-term vacation rental, a property manager's services are going to help you get the business going and can also help you manage it on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. However, if you have been renting out your property already as an Airbnb, you can still benefit from a property manager. 

A property manager will free up your time and take on all the tasks of renting your property. They will communicate regularly with potential guests and follow up with previous guests, as well as fixing any problems that arise during your guest's stay at your place. For example, perhaps your newest Airbnb guest arrives at the rental and is not able to get into the unit due to a problem with the lock. Your property manager will immediately get to the property and correct the problem so your guests can continue their stay and enjoy their relaxation time. Your property manager will also clean the unit and arrange for the turnover of the property so it is always ready for the next guest.

Upgrade the Unit's Interior

Whether you are renting out the mother-in-law apartment, the cottage in your backyard, or your entire property, you will want to make sure it provides your guests some quality furnishings that give it an upgraded appearance and condition. Installing updated appliances will also help your unit stand out on its photos online posted with your property management service and in the reviews your guests can give you. 

Look at updating the fixtures to stainless steel or other quality finishes, along with stone countertops and hardwood flooring. You can also install upgraded appliances in the kitchen to make your guests feel like they are staying in luxurious accommodations. Provide some basic dishes and cookware they can use, along with a microwave oven, coffee maker, and a teapot. If you have an outdoor space, add an outdoor grill they can use stocked with grilling utensils.

Be sure you stock the bathroom with soap, lotion, and other basic toiletries your guests may need in addition to high-quality towels and other linens. This is going to give your guests a feeling of luxury that they would find in a five-star hotel, and you can easily add it to your rental property. And don't forget about upgrading the WiFi in the property to the highest speed available. This, along with television streaming services, will help your guests have access to their work or entertainment. Your property manager can provide you with recommendations to add to the unit's services.

To learn more, contact an Airbnb property management service.