Why Depersonalizing A House Helps You Sell It

29 April 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


One of the things you might learn when you list your home for sale is that you must depersonalize it. What does this mean, you might wonder, and how do you accomplish this goal? Depersonalizing a home is a vital step to take, and most real estate agents recommend it. Here is an explanation of what this means, why it is important, and how to do it.

What Depersonalizing Means

Depersonalizing a home is the process you go through to remove every item from your home that ties the house to you. For example, consider your family photos that hang on your walls. When people see these, they remember that this is the family that lives in this home. The photos tie the house to you, which creates a disconnection from those that see the house. Therefore, the process requires removing any items that could lead to this disconnection when potential buyers tour your house.

Why It Is Vital

The process is vital to help buyers feel more comfortable with your home and to encourage them to feel a closer connection with the home. If they walk through a home that is neutral, they might become more attached to it. A neutral home is a house that anyone could own. There are no ties to any particular person or family. The home contains neutral items that the average person would like.

How You Can Do It

If you want to increase the chances of selling your house, you might want to go through the process of depersonalizing it. To do this, you must complete two main steps. The first step is taking down all the personal items you have, including every family photo. You might want to walk through each room and remove the pictures you see. You might want to look at your refrigerator, too, as many people post personal things on theirs.

Next, you should remove any items from your house that the average person would not like or understand. Perhaps you have a collection of something unusual in your living room. If so, you should remove it. Removing all these items helps increase the chances of selling your home.

Selling a house requires preparing it, and depersonalizing it is one of the most important steps you can take. To learn more about this step and others required to sell your house, speak with a local real estate agent.