Check for These Things When Buying Recreational Land

6 July 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you have a recreational hobby like riding dirt bikes or hunting, then buying a big piece of land may be one of your biggest dreams. It's so wonderful to be able to spread out and engage in the activities you love on land that is all your own. However, the process of finding the perfect land can be more challenging than you assume. You need to make sure the land you buy truly suits your purposes. So, make sure you check for these things before buying a piece of recreational land.

How much frontage does it have?

In other words, are you looking at a wide piece of property with a lot of street access, or a skinnier one that only has a little street access? Narrow properties are often cheaper, and they can be okay options for recreational land. However, narrow properties also have some limitations. You probably won't be able to sell off a portion of the land as a separate building lot, as people sometimes do to keep the cost down when buying a big piece of land. If you choose to build on the land, you won't have as many options, since building codes generally require that buildings be a certain distance from the property lines. A wider piece of property with more frontage will cost more, but is more versatile if you ever decide to build.

Is any of the land designated as wetlands?

Land that is designated as wetlands is not just wet. It is usually protected under certain local and state codes in order to ensure the plants and wildlife living in the wetlands are not disturbed. It's not always a bad idea to buy recreational land with some wetlands on it, but you should do so with the knowledge that you probably won't be able to build trains, dig ponds, or otherwise modify the land that is designated as wetlands. A 15 acre property with 1 acre of wetlands may not be bad, but a 15 acre property with 9 acres of wetlands is pretty limiting.

What are the neighbors like?

Not everyone wants to live next to a piece of land that is constantly hunted, or a piece of land that is always hosting loud parties with 4-wheelers and dirt bikes. So, before you buy a piece of land, look into who owns the surrounding properties. If they have similar hobbies, you can generally buy with confidence. On the other hand, if the neighbors seem turned off when you mention how you're going to use the land, then that land might not be the best option for you.

Buying recrational land can be life-changing, but you need to make sure it's the right land for you. For more information on recreational land for sale, contact you local real estate company.