Renting A One Bedroom Apartment? What To Look For When Apartment Hunting

26 April 2022
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Living in a one-bedroom apartment has its perks: you get space to yourself and more privacy than if you were to live in a studio. Even if you live alone, one-bedroom apartments are cozy enough to make great use of space while still giving you plenty of room to have a home office and to have room enough for your stuff. Should you be in a relationship, one-bedroom apartments are ideal for couples living together, so you don't have to worry about having the square footage you need.

That being said, not all one-bedroom apartments are considered the same. Square footage alone doesn't indicate how big or small the space is going to feel, and some of these apartments can feel more like they have two bedrooms in them while others, by design, may feel more like studios. As you go apartment hunting, here are things to look for in one-bedroom apartments.

Size of individual rooms

When looking at one-bedroom apartments, take note of the individual space available in every room. A tiny bathroom may be difficult to work with, but a larger kitchen with a small dining room can be easy to work around. A small closet may mean a large bedroom, while a huge living room might mean little to no dining space. If you want a relatively easy space to work with, have the main rooms be larger than the sleeping or intimate areas since you can divide common areas out more easily in one-bedroom apartments for ease of living.

Type of apartment complex

With one-bedroom apartments, you may be less likely to run into families and more likely to be living among other couples or busy singles. If you like to mingle with your neighbors, choose one-bedroom apartments for rent in areas where you may find other renters similar to you. For example, renting one-bedroom apartments in a pet-friendly complex when you have pets means you may run into other animal lovers. Renting a sky rise in a highly sought-after neighborhood means you may be living next to business-minded individuals.

You can look at several one-bedroom apartments for rent in your area before choosing one to sign a lease on. Choose an apartment you can easily afford with your income so you have no issues paying rent along the way. A deposit along with a few months' worth of rent is usually required upon lease signing.