Why A Real Estate Agent Should Think About Taking A Probate Training Program

9 March 2023
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


You may be a real estate agent that's thinking of expanding your business and are wondering which direction you want to take your career. One important aspect of real estate is helping executors sell houses that are involved in probate. A home sells through the probate process because the homeowner passed away without making a will.

The probate process makes selling a house harder and a real estate agent needs specialized training to help the seller through the process. This is why taking a probate training program might be a good option for your career. Here are a few reasons why you should think about taking a probate training program.

It Will Expand Your Business

If you are looking for a way to find new clients and grow your business, you might want to consider taking a probate training program. Selling a home in which the courts must make the final determination on whether the home may be sold, and for what price, takes having in-depth knowledge of probate laws in your state in relation to real estate.

While your state and city might have plenty of real estate agents, there might not be as many agents that are trained in probate sales. This means you can expand your business into an area where there might not be as much competition. 

You Can Help Executors During A Difficult Time

An executor of an estate can be under a lot of stress during a very difficult time in their life. They have been trusted to divide a loved one's property in the manner laid out by the deceased's will.

In the case that there is no will and the estate goes into probate, the executor, usually appointed or approved by the courts, might have a harder time dividing the existing property. There may be many family members that may be entitled to receive items from the estate. This is especially true if there is real estate involved. 

When there is no will after a homeowner has died, the house they owned, as well as any other real estate holding - if there are no other title holders to the properties, must be sold. 

If you take a probate training program — like All The Leads — you can learn how to help an executor through this difficult time. You can explain the process of selling the home and what documents and rules must be followed as outlined by the courts.